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A first grade student is facing 45 days in reform school for bringing his Cub Scout dinner tool (pocket knife with spoon, fork, and bottle opener) to school to use as an eating utensil.

According to the story…

A Swiss Army-type combination of fork, spoon, bottle opener and knife, the tool has been Zachary’s favorite ever since he got it to take on Cub Scout camping expeditions. “He eats dinner with it, breakfast and everything else, so it never occurred to him that this would have been something wrong to do,” the 6-year-old’s mother, Debbie Christie, told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira Tuesday from Newark, Del.

It looks like the school board may change it’s policy to give administrators and teachers the “freedom to use their commonsense when it’s obvious that a child presents no danger”. The child has already been suspended from school for 5 days and is now home schooled for the time being. There is a website asking the public to support his plight. UPDATE: His 45 day suspension was waived and the policy was quickly changed.

Question for the readers: Which is best? Mandatory punishment or Administrative discretion?


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